Sarah Angold

by Sarah Angold

Exclusive Store Launch in USA

Bold Statement pieces in limited quantities. We have chosen our favorite 7 pieces from her entire collection. Choose from radiant necklaces, to bright earrings and rings.

Sarah Angold Plays Favorites with FLAT 128...

Duke of Cambridge in Islington. Everything on their menu is organic, even their vodka!
I would love to own one of Tim Walker's portraits of Tilda Swinton.
Why do you produce in the UK?:
All of our limited edition jewelry is made by hand, by me and my team in our East London workshop. I like to keep everything in-house.
Please remind me what a holiday is?
Your UK Meets NYC:
I am currently undertaking a self-made mission to find the best macaroni and cheese in London. I have very complex multi-tiered assessment criteria and so far NY style diner 'Automat' is winning with its cheesy black truffle extravaganza.